Review from 50thirdand3rd

We appreciate the kind words from 50ThirdAnd3rd about our new EP, Drive Drive Delay. Here’s a snippet:

 "If you dig on the cleverness of Guided By Voices or maybe the vibe of REM before the big boys got to them, here is a band from Saint Paul, Minnesota that takes all of that and more into this century."

Be sure to check out the Q & A section for would-be witty answers to reasonable questions.


Music Video for Pretty Boy Released

Today we release the music video for “Pretty Boy”, produced by the great team over at Kobamm Productions. One evening in June we hauled our gear into a prairie meadow and shot until the sun set. The mosquitoes were atrocious but the light was magical. We’re really excited with how the video turned out. Please watch and share!


Advance Reviews for Drive Drive Delay

Over the last few weeks, we’ve gotten some great advance reviews for our forthcoming EP, Drive Drive Delay. Here are the highlights; follow the links for more details or listen for yourself below:

"Guitar pop. Minneapolis influences. Major-key. Pop melodies and noisy guitars. …[T]hey’ve hit on the exact, perfect formula that elevates guitar pop from just ‘ho hum, another one of these’ to ‘holy crap, I love this.’"

"Plenty of nifty guitars, even more nifty fuzz, and plenty of indie pop catchiness to boot."
Little Indie Blogs

"[Y]ou´ve heard of dream pop but this one goes under dream rock for sure."
Palace of Rock

“‘Pretty Boy’ surprises with its delicacy and smoothness.”
Queen Beetch

"As melodic indie rock goes, ‘Pretty Boy’ is up there with the best of them. At just over two minutes long it’s a superbly executed slice of noise-pop that sets itself up, sprays hooks all over the place, and leaves you wanting more of the same."
Record Rewind Play

"Pretty Boy… [is] a nice little fuzz-guitar driven pop tune that ticks all the boxes for sumptuous indie-pop yummyness."
The Metaphorical Boat

"Lead single ‘Pretty Boy’, with its early REM feel, is a dead ringer for heavy rotation on alternative late night radio."
Here Comes the Flood


Persian Leaps Play Popcorn Tavern, La Crosse, WI

We’ll be playing our first ever show outside the Twin Cities on Saturday, September 6. Join us if you can at the Popcorn Tavern in La Crosse, WI at a show hosted by Porcupine and Midwest Voltage.


The Persian Leaps are a noise pop band from Saint Paul, Minnesota. Their 2nd EP, Drive Drive Delay, will be released on September 12, 2014 via Land Ski Records

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