Words for Music Reviews Drive Drive Delay

Thanks to UK blog Words for Music for the great review:

"Fire Starter"… brings a strong opening to the EP with a blistering solo and ripping guitar. "Pretty Boy" follows the opening song and manages to trump it purely because of how catchy it is.

Listen With Monger Reviews Drive Drive Delay

Big thanks to Listen With Monger for the kind words about our new EP, Drive Drive Delay:

[T]he music on Drive Drive Delay has an infectious energy from the off…This is a pretty addictive indie-pop EP that really ought to get some serious attention…

But don’t take Monger’s word for it—listen for yourselves!


Great Review from Earbuddy

Thanks to Earbuddy for reviewing our new EP!

The Persian Leaps’ new EP Drive Drive Delay makes a big impression in a short amount of time. In five tracks lasting a square 15 minutes, this EP is brimming with guitar fuzz and power-pop melodies. If brevity is the key to wit, it also seems to be the key to pop melodies as well.

Thanks For The Memorable Release Show

Thanks to everyone who came out to the 331 Club last night for our release show! We had a blast sharing the stage with the awesome Queen of France and The Person & The People. This photo from Chris Lunceford captures the spirit of the evening perfectly (thanks, Chris!). We’ll see you soon!


The Persian Leaps are a noise pop band from Saint Paul, Minnesota. Their 2nd EP, Drive Drive Delay, was released on September 12, 2014 via Land Ski Records


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