"Jeane" [Single] Released Today

Our new single, "Jeane", is available globally today for streaming or download. So whether you live in Kansas or Kyrgyzstan, please check it out and share widely! 

This cover of "Jeane" is my tribute to The Smiths, who have been an important influence on me since 1985. I never took guitar lessons, but I did buy a Meat Is Murder songbook and learn to play the songs as best I could. Without the Smiths, The Persian Leaps would still exist, but we'd sound very different, with less jangle and happier lyrics.

Despite being a huge fan of The Smiths since 1985, I'd never heard "Jeane" until 5-10 years ago. The song blew me away. It's not unusual to track down a rarity or B-side and find it interesting if underwhelming, but "Jeane" felt to me like an essential Smiths song that's been unfairly overlooked. It also sounds unfinished to me--as though with a few more takes and some production love, it could have been an A-side. I'd always wanted to cover a Smiths song, and "Jeane" felt like one I could put my own mark on and perhaps even introduce to people who don't know the original.